Special Programs

Simply stated, America’s State Parks have over 250,000 reasons to say, “LET’S CAMP AMERICA!”

That’s right, there are 10,336 state park areas across 50 states with 241,255 campsites and 9,457 cabins waiting for you. Plus with over 40,000 miles of trails, countless miles of waterways and rivers on 18.6 million acres, America’s State Parks offer endless outdoor recreation to people of all ages.

The America’s State Parks LET’S CAMP AMERICA! is an initiative to promote camping in State Parks across all 50 states. LET’S CAMP AMERICA! showcases the vitality and wide array of healthy activities available to campers with hopes of engaging new audiences including youth, millennials, diverse communities and urban citizens. LET’S CAMP AMERICA! invites first-time campers and outdoor enthusiasts to revel in the limitless outdoor recreation activities available in State Parks. For all, camping in State Parks is available close to home; affordable, accessible and accommodating. For many, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! is a rededication to their love of the great outdoors. For some, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! is an all-inclusive invitation to experience and then dedicate personal and family time to camping in the great outdoors. LET’S CAMP AMERICA! is about building outdoor moments with family and friends. America’s State Parks are primed and ready to create America’s next camping generation.

On MAY 5th and SEPTEMBER 29th, Come Along! Bring your friends, your family, and even your dog and LET’S CAMP AMERICA!

America’s State Parks invite you to experience the amazing array of outdoor recreation resources inherent in our parks by staying at one of our 230,000 affordable and accommodating campsites and cabins. On May 6 and September 23, 2017, LET’S CAMP AMERICA! hosts activities and programs across many state park systems to help you create special outdoor moments.

America’s State Parks welcome you to turn that casual “day-in-the-park’ into that “weekend-in-the-park” and want to help you do it. State Parks have the resources to help you determine where to go, what to bring, what to do, and how to do it. Whether it be planning fun and engaging activities, help with “pitching a tent,” or educational and interpretive programs, State Parks are prepared to enhance your camping experience. Many State Parks have “Learn to Camp” programs that provide the requisite gear to help you have your first camping experience.

Connect to America’s State Parks and build those “moments”

Find your big fish story, paddle, hike, watch the sunrise, make s’mores and count stars. Unplug, go off-line and get a fish on your line. Toss out the zip-drive for a ride on a zip-line; lean-in only to pitch a tent or catch a Frisbee. There are endless experiences waiting for you whether at a campsite, in a cabin or in your RV by the river, in the mountains, near the foothills, on the plains, or by the beach. Remarkably, America’s State Parks camping sites are a short drive from your home.


LET’S CAMP AMERICA! will host two special weekends annually, the first weekend in May and the last weekend in September. This year LET’S CAMP AMERICA! kicks off on Saturday, May 5 with designated special events and activities in many state parks across the United States. The second LET’S CAMP AMERICA! weekend is scheduled for September 29, 2018. America’s State Parks are dedicated to building enthusiasm among everyone to go camping – on days off, on weekends, on vacation. Close to home, it’s easy and affordable to go camping, come home, go camping – over and over again; that’s how State Parks build the next camping generation.

Check stateparks.org or individual State Park websites for updates and featured special programming and partner activities. LET’S CAMP AMERICA! welcomes both camping enthusiasts and first-time campers.