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Farewell Bend State Park, Baker County, OR

MO - Katy Trail trail now links Kansas City area with St. Louis

Dec 11, 2016

Cyclists Sharon Euler (left) of Gladstone and Greg Hoover of Raytown conversed with other cyclists prior to the grand opening of the latest section of the Katy Trail on Saturday in Pleasant Hill. T. Rob Brown Special to The Star

BY MIKE HENDRICKS and Dave Helling

Missourians with a hankering to do so can now pleasantly stroll or bike across the state, from Pleasant Hill to St. Louis, on strips of land once used for hauling freight across the nation. Gov. Jay Nixon cut a ribbon Saturday on a 47.5 mile hike-and-bike trail linking Pleasant Hill, southeast of Kansas City, to the Katy Trail State Park, a meandering path of abandoned railroad land reclaimed for use by the state. “You’ll be able to go 287 miles on an incredible asset,” Nixon said before cutting the ribbon and taking a walk down the trail with more than 100 well-wishers. For decades, it seemed unlikely the Kansas City area would ever connect with the Katy Trail. But Pat Jones never lost hope.

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