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KY - All aflutter: Park garden receives monarch waystation designation 

The reconstructed fort at Fort Boonesborough State Park attracts visitors from around the country every year who wish to dive into the history of frontier life in Kentucky, but the park and the Gardeners of Madison County hope a recent project will welcome visitors of the winged variety — the at-risk monarch butterfly.

Thanks to the unique partnership of the Gardners of Madison County and the state park, the circular garden in front of the fort has been registered as a monarch waystation for butterflies. It is one of many such waystations cropping up in state parks across the commonwealth. The waystations serve as the winged-insect version of an interstate highway pit stop and hotel providing food, a place to rest and ideal conditions for the butterflies to lay their eggs. According to Joanna Kirby, former president of the Garden Club of Kentucky, who was on hand for an unveiling ceremony at the park Thursday, Fort Boonesborough and the Gardeners have created a Ritz for pollinators. "It's one of the nicest waystations I have seen," Kirby remarked Thursday morning. "It is such a beautiful and well-tended garden." For months, the Gardeners have worked to incorporate wildflowers and essential milkweed plants for the butterflies. Full article ->