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KS - The great outdoors are calling, and you can enjoy a Healthy Adventure free of charge

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW)- Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas is hoping to get you out of your normal routine.

BCBS is hosting the second Healthy Trails Adventure Day. On Oct. 1, admission will be free at all 26 Kansas State Parks. “A lot of times kids are too busy with the adventure games and things like as opposed to having their own adventure,” said Any Corbin, president and CEO, BCBS of Kansas. “State parks offer that wonderful relationship, whether it’s Frisbee or a campfire or just a good hard walk.” Healthy Trails Adventure Day is another way for Kansans to get out of the house. BCBS says getting outdoors can make you happier, promotes a healthy body and even help you live longer. “It also creates family bonding that you just don’t get otherwise,” Corbin said. “[It’s] a little bit away from your normal routine.” Kansas State Parks include more than 500 miles of trails, 32,300 acres of land, 10,000 campsites with utility hookups and cabins and access to more than 130,000 surface-acres of water. “Our Kansas State Parks offer unique terrain, amazing trails, and scenic landscapes for everyone to enjoy,” said Robin Jennison, secretary, Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. “We’re pleased that for a second year, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas has chosen the Kansas State Parks to serve as the centerpiece of this campaign.” To help kids get out and enjoy the outdoors, BCBS is offering a coloring book at all state park locations, rest stops, local tourism offices and the Kansas State Fair. It features a map of all 26 state parks, information about the parks and educational tips. When you hit the trail Oct. 1 make to tag all your adventure posts with the hashtag #HealthyAdventure. To learn more and pick the perfect state park for your next adventure head to Article