Job Opportunity - Wyoming - Park Ranger

Apr 24, 2021

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: The Park Ranger provides law enforcement services for visitors and staff at state parks and historic sites, including enforcement of state statutes, parks rules and regulations, motor vehicle crash investigations, park visitor assistance, training seasonal law enforcement staff, preparation of reports, testifying in court, property protection, and assisting other agencies.

Park Ranger-Boysen State Park-Shoshoni Salary: $23.38 - $25.06 Hourly

Location: Shoshoni, WY Job Type: Full Time

Human Resource Contact: 307-777-7010,

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The listed functions are illustrative only and are not intended to describe every function which may be performed at the job level.

  • Provides Law Enforcement duties and ensures public safety.
  • Provides customer service and information about park resources.
  • Implements and conducts Community Policing efforts at parks and historic sites.
  • Assists other park staff with minor property maintenance, traffic counter readings, fee collection, and campsite reservation system operation.
  • Enforces state statutes and park rules and regulations as applicable within statutory and agency guidelines.
  • Investigates motor vehicle crashes and reported crimes against people and property on Wyoming State Parks and Historic Sites.
  • Rangers patrol assigned park areas to provide high public visibility and provide periodic security checks on the Federal Bureau of Reclamation dams and power plants.
  • Prepares for and testifies in court, provides traffic control or other assistance for special events, and as requested by other agencies or officers.
  • Performs administrative duties.
  • Performs office duties to include weekly activity reports, investigative reports, vehicle crash reports, and required departmental reports, monthly scheduling, and correspondence.
  • Directs the Field Training of seasonal park rangers at their individual park or sites. This enables the parks to produce qualified park rangers for seasonal/part-time staff.
  • Routinely assesses and reviews the monthly budget information.
  • Monitors spending trends/habits, monthly expenditures, balances and calculate shortfalls and surpluses.
  • Maintains, repairs, and provides preventive maintenance to state-issued equipment and vehicles.
  • Develops and maintains a complete inventory of all state-issued equipment assigned to Park Ranger.
  • Acquires maintains and disposes of all unserviceable equipment.
  • Attends various public meetings, conferences, and engagements where relevant Division issues are being discussed.
  • Professionally represents the Department at these types of events.
  • Works with other states, federal, county, municipal agencies, along with volunteers and constituent groups.

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