Laurel Hill State Park, PA

Job Opportunity: Park Ranger III, South Carolina

Nov 17, 2022

Vacancy:  Park Ranger III, Edisto Beach State Park, Charleston County, SC

Job Purpose and Duties:

Under general supervision, assists with the overall operation and maintenance of a state park. Perform diversified duties governed by general instruction, policies and standard operating procedures of the State Park Service.

1) Supervises and directs other full and part-time employees as directed by the Park Manager.
2) Assists with the administrative activities to include, but not limited to, receiving and documenting revenues, preparing reports and making payments in accordance with standard operating procedures.
3) Manages specific operational activities to include supervising specific areas such as retail sales, day use areas, camping, other overnight accommodations or special use facilities.
4) Practice and promote teamwork within the Edisto Beach State Park office/work unit, throughout the agency and with external agency stakeholders. Represents office as an active member on agency teams assigned throughout the year.
5) Enforces park rules, regulations and policies within established limits and in accordance with department policy.
6) Plans, directs and may conduct maintenance activities on grounds, facilities and equipment to ensure that they are maintained to the standards set forth by the Park Service. Make frequent inspections to assure satisfactory conditions.
7) Performs continuous public relation activities and educational and recreational activities as required.
8) Conduct a routine safety inspection of the park facilities and equipment.

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